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Big News! Massamio is Passing the Baton to Advancing Massage Therapy

Screen shot 2014 07 16 at 11.16.36 AM

We have some really great news for independent massage therapists! We are excited to announce that Centers for the Advancement of Massage Therapy, LLC, also known as Advancing Massage Therapy, is in the process of acquiring Massamio's assets. "We at Advancing Massage Therapy have always appreciated Massamio's commitment to providing high quality resources to massage therapists, and we plan to continue adding value and opportunity for individual therapists via these assets for years to come," says Tonya Aiossa, Owner of Advancing Massage Therapy.

10 Things to Know About Kinesio Taping

pink kinesio tape on knees

1. The material is like a second layer of skin.

How to create a buyer persona for your ideal massage therapy client

red tomato in a sea of green tomatoes

How do you attract the ideal client? How do you create a brand that, like the beautiful red tomato in a sea of green tomatoes in the photo, stands out from the crowd? Well, part of it starts with understanding who your ideal client is, what she wants and needs, and any obstacles in her way to booking a massage with you.

Top 10 Facebook Best Practices for Massage Therapy Marketing


What Facebook activities are most effective for my business? What should I avoid doing on Facebook? What are the most important things to be doing as part of my massage therapy marketing on Facebook? I hope to answer some of these questions that many massage therapists think about and struggle with.

5 Awkward Client Moments Handled Expertly by Massage Therapists

awkward massage therapy stories

All massage therapists have, at some point in their careers, had to deal with an awkward or uncomfortable situation with a client. We gathered some stories from MTs who have expertly handled an awkward moment. Now, these stories aren't meant to embarrass clients, but rather to learn from our peers how to calmly and professionally handle moments like these.

Case Study: Using Yelp to grow your massage therapy business

Yelp for marketing
Riya Suising is a massage therapist in the San Fransisco Bay area who has received a great deal of benefit by actively using Yelp (although only through reviews, not with advertising). Riya also has a computer science degree and an MBA, in addition to working as a marketing head for Intel for 10+ years.  

We met Riya in LA at a conference and she was gracious enough to agree to an interview! We're excited about this opportunity to learn from someone who is experienced with Yelp and to help educate other MTs about Yelp as a marketing tool. 

Building a Massage Therapy Practice from Scratch: Part 4

text over massage image - follow the journey of a new massage therapist as she builds her business from scratch

[Charlyne Carrier is a new independent massage therapist practicing in Montreal, Quebec. We found her on our Facebook Page when she said she was going to write her business plan using our Business Plan Toolkit as a guide. We asked her if she would share her insights in the process and she graciously agreed! So over the next months, Charlyne will be sharing her story of building her business in this series. Please chime in and tell your stories, tips, and tidbits in the comments section.]

7 Simple Tips for Massage Therapists Partnering with a Chiropractor


Partnering with a chiropractor’s office can be a rewarding experience for a massage therapist at any point in his or her career.

Ultimate Guide to Using Coconut Oil in Massage Therapy

image of coconut meat - text says ultimate guide to using coconut oil in massage therapy

Coconut oil is wonderfully popular right now and has been gaining a reputation as the new cure-all over the past few years. 

6 Steps to Booking More Day Time Massage Therapy Clients

day time massage marketing

Many independent massage therapists find it difficult to book their day time hours. 

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